Qscape very much aims to feel like your bespoke "inhouse" software rather than a "one size fits all" product.


Most of Qscape's tools and functions are arranged on new generation windows "Graphical User Interfaces".   Unlike traditional interfaces - they allows you to quickly and intuitively interact between the software and your drawing.


Qscape is highly flexible.  Landscape items, not listed on an interface, perhaps a paving type, grass seed mix or a plant variety - can be added in seconds and then used by you and your team for ever more.



Four of Qscape's interfaces


1. QSoft

Draws your soft landscape elements, such as shrub beds, grass or trees.  As well as being pre-loaded with a variety of soft landscape elements, you can add new ones or change the appearance of existing ones.



2. QHard

QHard draws your hard landscape elements, such as paving, edges, fencing and street furniture. 


It works in a similar way to QSoft but is even more powerful and has some wonderful features to help you produce meaningful, high quality hard landscape proposals quickly and efficiently.


Sorry,  no video yet.



3. QPlants

QPlants details your soft planting proposals.


Shrubs, Trees, Hedges, Mixes etc can be easily added, changed or removed.


Favourite subsets of plants eg "Shade Shrubs" can be accessed at any time by typing "QP" on the command line.




4. QMeasure

QMeasure quickly creates your Cost Estimates, Schedules of Quantities and Plant Schedules.  It also allows you to keep a close eye on project costs.


It can delineate between public and private landscaped areas,  give average cost/plot rates for residential developments and give both implementation and maintenance costs.  It can also cost/schedule just a small selected section of your landscape proposals, for instance a "Local Area of Play" or a single plot in  a housing scheme.


Cost Estimates can automatically be exported to Excel at a click of a button.  The created excel cost estimates are automatically formatted (including macros) and professional looking, ready for client issue.