Hello, my name is Dan Wiseman, I am the developer of “Qscape” and the director of Qscape Ltd.  I am also a chartered member of the Landscape Institute with much experience of professionally using (and being frustrated by) various landscape design software.

As you are doubtless aware - Landscape Architects generally develop and enjoy a range of alternative skills, you know the kind of thing - Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Horticulture, Arboriculture - the list is endless!  Personally, I developed a passion for CAD - the more I explored the power of this extraordinary tool - the better, quicker and easier I could do my job.   As my career progressed, I diversified first into CAD customisation and subsequently onto wholesale computer programming and developing software applications.

It may seem strange to go from Landscape Architecture to computer programming, but when you think about it, the “skill set” for the two different disciplines is not all that different – It is important to have an attractive and highly functional end product and to achieve this usually requires inspiration, a technical aptitude, problem solving skills, communication skills, an appetite for research, a great deal of stamina and of course - a real passion for what you are doing.  Based on my personal experience of using various landscape software products and indeed working closely with computer programmers - I think anyone who programs should get themselves a good grounding  in a design discipline such as Landscape Architecture first!

“Qscape” is not the first landscape software package that I have been professionally involved with.  Previously I helped develop a competitor product and was in charge of customer support for it. I have also undertaken private commissions for bespoke “inhouse” software.  However it is “Qscape” which is the “sum” of my experiences both as a Landscape Architect and a computer programmer – it is a unique product and developing and supporting it is my passion!